Founded by Karen Mulla, Karl Vazifdar and Mallika Sheth, TravelK is a modern day travel company based in Mumbai, India. Our passion for travel in general and wildlife safaris in specific made us start TravelK. Our ability to create bespoke travel itineraries for enthusiastic travellers makes us a unique travel company. As we do in our travels, we endeavour to give you rare unique experiences to suit your every whim, fancy and desire.

Our favourite locations are anywhere we’ve experienced the culture, food, and life as a local.

We also started TravelK to share our love of the wild with like-minded travellers. Our love affair with safaris began years back when we visited the Kanha Tiger Reserve for the first time, truly mesmerized by the stunning forest. The thrill of alarm calls and tiger tracking contrasting with the calm beauty of the forest was magical. Once bitten by the safari bug, we’ve visited the forests of India and Africa often. Every safari unfolds new stories and experiences and this serves as our inspiration to share the wonders of the forest with those discerning travellers eager to explore the pristine natural beauty and untamed wilderness.

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